November 19, 2020, 11:36 PM

it's been so long, hello!! this has been a rough last week, a rough last few months to be honest. i decided to take a bit of a break today from the usual hussle and bustle and play some sims and work on this site a bit. Finally figured out how to make the Bonzai Buddy and the Start Navigation tab move with the size of the screen. I changed the bottom css to % instead of px! Next thing i would like to do is add more web graphics... also thinking about what should be my home page? i'm thinking of keeping the about me page as the first thing you see, then the home icon goes to the bedroom page, but maybe i can spice the bedroom page up a bit more to make it more appealing, because rn i feel like it doesn't look exciting enough to want to click on it...

also! i would like to have a page for all my junk journal stuff, something a bit separate from just the "art" tab, which maybe it'll just go to my squarespace website...

okay, that is all for now, thank you for reading :)

September 14, 2020, 10:45 PM

Wow, what a day today! I figured I'd blog a bit. I've been listening to Boxcar by Jawbreaker on repeat all day. I felt really good today, a bit overwhelmingly good where it starts crossing the line to anxiousness. Super great mail day the last couple of days. I got my Sticki Club stickers in on Saturday (super cute halloween sticker's i'll be posting on here soon!!!) as well as a new zine called Loudmouth, my rose black tea from Boba Guys, and the book Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I just finished the first chapter this morning. A little confusing? but hopefully it'll clear up as i keep reading. I'm also reading this book, Trouble Boy by Tom Dolby. Oh, and Kate Borstein's Gender Workbook. lots of reading for me, huh? i haven't read this much in so long, and i dont know if it's because quarantine has finally given me the time to or because i'm finally finding exciting queer books to read. maybe i've evolved past cishet stories,lol.

anyways, and today i got two old fall out boy magazines i had been looking for for a while, someone on depop was selling them for only $5 each:

also got my kandi trade!!! my partner sent so much cool stuff, i feel bad i only sent a bracelet and some stickers and a note, they made SOO many bracelets for me, singles AND 3-d cuffs, AND sent me hair clips and key chains and a patch, like holy shit!! im going to write them a big thank you card :3

As for updates, I put up a web graphics page today and added a bunch of shit into there. idk if i like the look of it a whole bunch but i'll change it later.

  • i want to change "contacts" to something else, i dont remember what, but contacts will stay on the top menu of the notepad i think... (oh! the contacts, i wanted to replace with "kins" that's what it was mhm)

    sigh, okay. v sleepy, going to bed now :3

    September 13, 2020 11:08 PM

    Hello! This is my first blog post/update about this site, but I started it a while back ago now, back at the beginning of this COVID quarantine actually. A friend from FriendProject introduced me to this wonderful world of Neocities and so I've been messing around with it. I knew some basic format coding from messing around with themes on Tumblr and on FriendProject, but I've definitely had to learn a lot more coding on here. Well, uh, so far I just got the homepage up, part of the music page up, and now this update page!

    To-Do List:

    too much ;-;

  • fix labels on update page
  • add navigation to update page
  • add internet tab to footer bar for "record store" and put music player page in navigation instead?
  • add webgraphics page
  • add a shrines page
  • think i wana add a "kins" page
  • oop gotta work on my art page too 0-0