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Nov 13, 2023. Wow, I haven't touched this site in months. Just a little bit of reformatting and rearranging. I wanted the site to be a little easier on the eyes since I want this to be very blog-centric.

Feb 28. 2023. Long overdue update, because I've actually worked on a lot since the last one! I did make my own background image, but I am going to use it for the Gender Diaries (which will have a link to get to soon). I was going to have my regular blog and my gender blog in one link, but I think I'm going to actually have them be two separate links. I also figured out how to have my own custom text show up on all devices and web browsers! except for my large cut patch font, for some reason that one is having some problems showing up in some places, but i'll figure it out later hopefully. I do have my index page up when you first enter this site. I've got my about me page all decked out. It still has some work to be done but it's looking great so far. I've also added an art page! I've been thinking if I want it to be my Official Art Page that i give to everyone, but idk, i kind of want to keep this page a bit more underground for the most part i think.

Things I still want to do:

  • get a link to my gender diaries page
  • set up a regular blog page (which tbh I'm thinking may just be this main page with my site updates!)
  • Set up the shrine pages
  • finish my art page, complete with links to more info to all if not just most of my art pieces
  • join the sticker club still
  • add a music page

all for now. until next time. xo.

Dec 7. 2022. Hewwo, in the last couple of days, I've added an About Me page, added some "kinz," and actually figured out how to put my own custom font into my site! Thanks HUMMANFINNY for the inspirations and tips to do it! I tried once before and it didn't work, but i probably got something in the coding wrong :p

as for what I would like to do next:

  • make my own background image
  • make a more proper index page with warnings about my site's contents, because I know some people have problems with vomit and with flashing so i wanna make sure everyone knows what they're getting into when they enter, lol.
  • add all my favorite blinkies to my about me page
  • add favorite medias
  • shrines page
  • i'd love to have an album review page this time around...
  • oh and i wanna join in on the sticker collection fun i've seen some sites do!

There's a lot more I want to do and have planned, but that's my main stuff on my mind rn. gotta go to work soon now EW ttyl ❤️

Nov 28. 2022. HELLO EVERYONE! So as you can see im starting all over again... the old version of my site is archived, and i still love it, but i really wanted something a little more simple, easy to get around, easier to edit etc... Today is Mon Nov 28. I finally figured out how to make a 3 column site using a flexbox which is the coolest fucking invention ever i tell you, and THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO did an amazing job explaining how to do it. anyways, i also made a cute little new pfp uwu, and thanks to transbro's blinkies cafe i was able to make a lil navigation... as you can see, i have a lot of pages planned for the future, so look out for that!! hmm, nothing else to add from me for now, but i'll be back soon. it's about 10:30 pm here and i have work tomorrow so i should get to bed instead of hyperfixating on neocities, no matter how tempting it is to do just that!! goodnight :)